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Congratulations {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}! You just won an exclusive gift to have a famous celebrity tattoo artist immediately create a design on you for free. Which option would you choose? *

What is on your mind the most right now? *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us what you would like best....showcasing your name itself, a nickname, or an adjective that best describes you? *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us who that special person is. *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us which social movement or cause is near and dear to your heart. *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us what it is that currently motivates you, or what inspiration you are looking for. *

Hey, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, did you see/hear about...of course you did! Tell us what you are currently obsessing about? *

What style do you like the best? *

What type of imagery are you most drawn to? *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us what in nature you like best. Is it a specific animal, element, flower/plant, beach, mountain, or star constellation? *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us what symbol are you into? *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us the location that is special to you. Is it your hometown, a favorite vacation spot, or the place of a life changing event? *

OK, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}, tell us what object do you identify with? *

What style do you like best? *

Any other details you would like to share? Come on....don't be shy. Like a blank canvas, we have the ability to design almost anything and our goal is to make your jewelry as unique and personal as possible :)

We are on the home stretch, {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}}. Please let us know what type of jewelry you want? *

What finish do you like best? *

Thanks {{answer_BcvKaerL7ji3}} for participating in this creative process. Now just sit back and wait for our design geniuses to work their magic and email you a design concept you can brag to your friends you created...don't worry, this stays between us :) If you love this 100% custom design as much as we know you will, then we can place the order for your jewelry.
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